Why I am a Memory Trainer

At first, it looked like a big mistake
In 2012,  I said yes to being in a play. Although I was a good actor, it had been 37 years since I had acted. I hated memorizing lines. At the first rehearsal, I looked at the script and gasped. I had definitely bit off more than I could chew. There were way too many lines.

Desperation was my inspiration
After a few days of terror, it seemed that my only option was to drop out of this main stage production and stick it to a lot of nice people. But there was a Plan B. I had read about a memory method in which you turn words into pictures and connect them.  Fortunately, I chose Plan B, studied it intensively and applied the method to learning my lines. To my surprise, it worked. I was able to memorize all my lines more easily than I had ever thought possible, and the play was a success.

Delighted and irked
I was both delighted and irked by my success at memorizing: delighted that there was a much better way to memorize than rote repetition, and irked that I hadn’t been taught this in school. I would have been in many more plays, and maybe even passed high school chemistry.

A new mission
I had been a trainer in industry, primarily in high-tech, for twenty-five years. I was already retired when I discovered this amazing method. Since then, I have made it my mission to create the best way to teach this method. It’s the trainer in me. MemorizeBest is that way.